Sculpture multiple, edition of 50 with color variants*

Color variant:


Sculpture multiple realized in resin, with cardboard box and certificate of authenticity
Composed of a base and two whales
12 x 10 x 4 cm (closed)

Edition of 50 in color variants*


There are series of different color combination and each one is associated to a range of numbers of the edition. Depending by the numerical range selected, the lowest available number will be chosen. 

The real product may be slightly different from the image of the variant: these are unique handmade objects, so the characteristic signs of the used materials and the production process may be present.

Color variants:

Base: White / Whales: black and blue
numeration range: 1 - 11 on 50

Base: Ivory white / Whales: blue and black
numeration range: 12-32 on 50 

Base: Ice green / Whales: white and blue
numeration range: 33-42 on 50 

Base: Ice green / Whales: white and black
numeration range: 43-46 on 50 

Base: Ice green / Whales: gray green and blue
numeration range: 47-50 on 50