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SURFACES n°29 /31


Multiple of sculpture in modular parts

Edition of 31 pieces in different combinations

Variante 29 su 31

Multiple of sculpture composed by 12 modular parts.
Edition of 31 pieces, each one with different and unique combinations.
Resin and aluminium in cardboard and wood display box, 2020-2021.

Variante 29 su 31

22 x 8 x h 21,5 cm assembled

43 x 30 x h 3,5 cm in the display box

In April 2020, during the first lockdown due to COVID-19, we were forced to work each at his own home and we developed an idea: a shared sculpture built and existing (in its parts) in separated places, an artwork that’s divided, but comes together despite the distance.
This first “Surfaces” project was just symbolical and so, shortly after, we decided to expand it outside of the relationship between just two people and we created a sculpture that’s made by 12 different layers ideally coming from different materials, places, persons, contexts, uses. We’ve put those 12 different surfaces in connection between them and so all the resulting sculptures, that remain interconnected in time and space by the parts and the ideal and real contexts that they are sharing and that they will share.



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